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frequently asked questions
Q: What is the Reading Progress Tracker?
A: A very unique feature of website is that we can track each student’s reading progress online. We ask the tutor to enter the student’s reading progress results into our website’s online form, which allows the parent, child, and tutor to monitor the progress. We also use this data to improve and refine the program to benefit future readers. All information and data is confidential. If any studies are conducted, the data is pooled together to protect one’s privacy.
Q: Can I take the FREE Tutor On-line Program and use the training to teach my children to read without being a tutor listed on your website?
A: Absolutely. The purpose of is to help as many people, both children and adults, to become readers. We hope you will use our reading program and register as a tutor with our Reading Progress Tracker so we can monitor the student’s reading progress.
Q: What information for your Reading Progress Tracker do you request about the children learning to read?
A: We display under your tutor’s section the child’s first name and initial of the last name and other identifiers so the tutor entering the children’s reading progress can keep reading results organized and correctly posted in the child’s account.
Q: Who can view the child’s reading results listed in the Reading Progress Tracker?
A: Only the child’s parents, tutor and our literacy experts can view the reading results. We will automatically notify the parent when the tutor enters new reading proficiency results of the child so it can be viewed.
Q: What will the literacy expert gain from reviewing the students reading results?
A: If the child’s reading results entered in the Reading Progress Tracker suggest other learning options may be beneficial or possible learning issues that need to be addressed, the parent will be notified of this. It is up to the parent to act on any suggestions.
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