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Magic of Phonics provides tutoring and classes in the field of literacy and reading.

After retiring from active teaching as a professor at the University of California Los Angeles, Larry McNamee dusted off the many books he used to teach his children to read and began doing the same for his grandchildren and their neighborhood peers. The grandchildren’s school teachers noticed the rapid progress made using Professor McNamee’s teaching method. Soon, he was asked to tutor children at the local elementary school. The method used was developed in the 19th century where beginning reading instruction focused on teaching how letters matched up with sounds. It is a tried, tested and proven reading approach that takes the new reader through a step by step, logical progression using the phonetic reading method. As a result of Professor McNamee’s teachings, students at the bottom of the class were reading at up to two grade levels ahead by the end of the semester. Even students who spoke English as a second language found both their reading and verbal skills had improved.

A child who knows how to read by the time he or she enters school, or at the latest second grade, is more likely to have higher grades, graduate high school, stay out of gangs and prison, have greater opportunities, and an overall higher chance of success. What a difference this would make to the child, their family, friends, and community.

Having had such success, Professor McNamee was convinced to blend his reference sources and finalize the method into a programmed, step-by-step format so that anyone who reads can impart the skill of reading to others. Ten years later, after research, writing and testing, Professor McNamee’s program is available for you to give others the gift of reading and enhance their future success.

The unique aspect of this program is that you can use it to teach children to read and change their lives, but you can also learn to develop your own business by becoming a professional tutor through us. offers a FREE online course to become a reading literacy tutor/coach where you will learn key aspects about the process of teaching someone to read. When you complete the online course and pass the proficiency test, you will be eligible to become a tutor and list your profile on our website where others may hire you as a tutor.

What a great situation. By training to become a reading tutor you can develop your own business of helping someone read, but also change your student’s life and your community for the better. Most of all, you can partake in the exciting moment of when a new reader realizes the opportunities reading gives them, thanks to your help.

At, we are passionate about the possibilities this program holds and we welcome you to the family.

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